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Helping new students

Tutoring is one of the most visible parts of KOEs activities. New students meet tutors for the first time in the entrance exams and tutors help freshmen through their first year. Tutors are responsible for keeping the campus tours and introducing the freshmen to each other.

Did you know that tutors have their own instagram? You can check it out below. 

Yearly there are about 200 tutors working in KOE. To become a tutor you need to apply when there is a tutor application period, this is organized twice a year. Actually we train approximately 100 tutors a year. Tutors get all the information and requirements needed in the trainings. So after the trainings tutors are ready for their job to help new students. In every faculty in both cities there is a own headtutor. There is also own headtutors for English degree tutors and exchange tutors as well.

You can recognize KOEs tutors by their yellow shirt, tutor overall badge or of tutor-lanyard. If you ever need help for example finding a classroom or you have a question regarding studies just tap a tutor on the shoulder and ask! Tutors are happy to help!

There are three different forms of tutoring, where everyone who wants to be a tutor can find their own. Tutors are guides for new students especially through the start of their studies, when not only the school but also the city is new, in some cases even the country is new.


Peertutors help with entrance exams, in the orientation weeks, they keep the campus tours, guide where you can find everything, group the freshmen and answer questions. Tutors term continues throughout the whole first year for example there is tutorquarters, they are part of groups communication channels so you can approach them via text.


Exchange tutors help the exchange students arriving at LAB. Exchange tutor contacts arriving students before they arrive in Finland and they often are the first friend for the arriving student in Finland. Exchange tutor often goes to the train station to meet the exchange student and help them to receive their keys. Exchange tutor helps the student to settle down in Finland, guide in practical matters, and answer questions that the student might have. Exchange-tutor must know how to speak English and is interested in getting to know the exchange students.


Degree tutors are a combination of peer and exchange tutoring. Degree tutors tutor students that study degree studies in english. They help new students in practical matters and study related issues, they help students to get to know and integrate in the new environment and possibly to a totally new culture. Tutors also help the multicultural group to work together and get to know each other.


Headtutor works in a guiding role for their own faculty’s tutors. There is a headtutor  in every faculty for peer, degree and exchange tutors. Headtutors tasks include contacting tutor teachers, planning activities for orientation weeks and assigning tutors to starting groups. Also they need to participate in monthly meetings organized by the student guidance team, and they need to guide and help their own tutors.

I want to become a tutor, how can I? 

Great to hear! Tutoring is fun.

You can apply to be a tutor when there is a KOEs tutoring application period that is organized twice a year. Application periods are in September-October and in February-March. Everyone who fills out the form is called to an interview and tutors are selected based on the interviews. All selected tutors participate in tutor training where they get all knowledge and skills needed to work as a tutor.


After working at least two semesters as a tutor you can get three ect’s. Anyone can become a tutor!

If you want to know more, ask your tutors or contact the Student Guidance Team.

Bannerphoto: Mika Myllyntaus

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