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Official documents of the Student Union KOE.

The guidelines of the board are currently being updated. 

The KOE's Code of Conduct, also known as ethical guidelines, is an operational guide for student union events and tutoring activities. The Code of Conduct is created based on KOE's values - student-centeredness, equality, and community. You can read the Code of Conduct from the link below.

The "KOE in Plain Language" guide is intended to facilitate understanding of different words and matters related to KOE's activities. Read the "KOE in Plain Language" guide from the link below.

The KOE policy paper outlines the student union's opinions on social policy, education policy, and cultural collaboration. The new policy paper will be updated on the website during the spring of 2023 for the years 2023-2024.

Members of the Student Union KOE have the option to read the minutes of the representative council if they wish. The minutes are public, but due to privacy reasons, certain information has been removed or redacted from the minutes. If you wish to read the minutes, please contact the chairpersons of the representative council.

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