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Student Overalls

That's how you recognize UAS Students.

Student Overalls

Student overalls are important and visible part of the student life. They create solidarity with the students within the same faculty and are with you the whole studies. You can collect overall badges from different events and you can decorate your own overalls the way you want. 


Student Union does not have their own overalls and you can get your own overalls from your student association. When you get overalls, what the prices is and when you can collect them depends on your student associations. If you are unsure which one of the student associations is yours, check our info about student associations or ask us or your tutor! 

Overall colors in LAB University of Applied Sciences


Tourism- and hospitality management = black with the pink pockets.

Social- and healthcare students = orange

Institute of Design = black

Engineering = pink

Business = blue


hotel- and restaurant management = turquoise

social- and healthcare = dark green

fine arts = black-white

engineering = red-black

business = purple

Overall badges

Overall badges decorates many overalls and they make overalls unique. Overall badges you can get from different events, accomplishing enough KOEs Freshman's logs challenges and buying them from KOE or student associations. You can also find overall badges from Internet or Facebook's "Haalarimerkkitori"-group. If you have creative idea, you can also create your own overall badge!

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