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Welcome to study in LAB

Congratulations on your place of study!

For new student

Student Union KOE wants to welcome you to study in LAB! We are here for every student, so don't be afraid to approach us. We will help you with anything!

Every new student has a lot to remember and after orientations you might still be little bit lost. That is normal and you should not be ashamed of it! For everyone starting their studies, in eLAB there is a page which includes everything you need to know. Click yourself to eLAB!

For new students we highly recommend joining LAB Newcomers Discord-servers. Server is meant for every student that has been accepted to LAB UAS. In the server you can meet same faculty students and ask any questions about studies. Read more about server and join the server in eLAB! 

Chairperson of the Student Union KOE's 2024 Board Henna welcomes the new students to the LAB University of Applied Sciences!

What the heck is KOE? 

Is Student Union KOE still unfamiliar operator for you? All in all KOE is LAB University of Applied Sciences' student's guardian but KOE is much more than that! Click here and read more about us!

Student Card and Membership

Student card is student's official student ID. When joining KOE, you get the student card which gives you permission to student benefits and discounts. Read more about student card and join KOE!

Electronic Keycard - Lappeenranta

Studying in the Lappeenranta UAS building is possible 24/7. Entrance doors are locked at 20.00 (Mondays to Fridays) and after that entry is only possible with a keycard. Purchasing the key allows students to use the premises in the evenings and on weekends as well as have 24/7 access to the library and the gym. The key stops functioning after graduation and if the student enrolls as absent. The students of LAB can purchase a keycard for a price of 10 euros from LAB's online store. The key is collected from the KOE service point against a receipt. (LAB main lobby). Read more here!

The key does not need to be returned, but if desired, it can be brought for recycling to the KOE's service point or left in the KOE´s mailbox after the need for key usage or its validity period expires.


Tutoring is the most visible part of KOE's activities. New students meet their tutor first time at entrance exams and then at the orientation weeks. Tutors are with new students the whole first year. KOE's tutor is known for their yellow t-shirt. KOE organizes all of the tutoring in LAB.


Every faculty has their own tutors that help with the start of the studies, help with practical stuff and help you to get known for your study buddies. You can ask any questions you have from any tutor you meet. They will help you gladly. Tutors can navigate you to right class and where you find student services. They know what the Student Union does and how to get the student card. 


In student culture you go to a lot of events. Student events is organized by Student Union and student associations and LUT University's Student Union LTKY. Student Union organizes Freshman Party, and appro's in autumn and spring. 


Student Union organizes also events during well-being week that is mostly about students well-being and stress management. 

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