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Student Representatives

As a voice for students

The student representatives more familiarly known as "Hallopeds", are students who represent, for example, LAB University of Applied Sciences on the board and bring a student perspective to decision-making, and that is why it is an extremely important job. The administration's student representative does not have to be a meeting hero or a master in influencing students, it is enough that you are eager to promote the interest of all students and monitor it. ​


Below you can see a list of all the student representatives of the Student Union KOE.

 Student Representatives 2024

LAB UAS Board: Sofia Mesterton

Examination Board: Janina Levänen
EDU team: Henna Suhonen
@peda: Henna Suhonen
Crisis Management Team: Juho Liiri
Welfare Working Group: Vivian Tiihonen, Hanna Ala-Outinen, Iida Mehtäläinen, Sonja Huhtiranta
FSHS Health Group: Vivian Tiihonen, Sonja Huhtiranta

FSHS Southern Region Board of Directors: Sonja Huhtiranta

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