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Student Representatives

As a voice for students

The student representatives more familiarly known as "Hallopeds", are students who represent, for example, LAB University of Applied Sciences on the board and bring a student perspective to decision-making, and that is why it is an extremely important job. The administration's student representative does not have to be a meeting hero or a master in influencing students, it is enough that you are eager to promote the interest of all students and monitor it. ​


Below you can see a list of all the student representatives of the Student Union KOE.

 Student Representatives 2022


Examination Board
EDU team
Crisis Management Team
Welfare Working Group
FSHS Health Group

FSHS Southern Region Board of Directors

Patrik Vuorinen

Milla Muhonen

Miranda Manner
Miranda Manner
Juho Liiri
Sonja Huhtiranta
Milla Muhonen
Sonja Huhtiranta

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