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Student's  toolkit

On this page, you can find information about support and well-being services recreational opportunities as well as Lahti an Lappenranta as cities.

Support services

LAB's Special education services. 

LAB University of Applied Sciences provides degree students special education services.  Senior Pedagogical Specialist’s services are available for those who need special support in developing learning skills, identifying learning strategies or planning your daily work. Senior Pedagogical Specialist is responsible for reading/writing testing and support.

If you need individualised support because of a learning difficulty, an illness or disability, you are eligible for special arrangements. Special arrangements may not undermine academic standards or the integrity of assessments.

Senior Pedagogical Specialist Juha Tiitta,, p. 044 708 1687


LAB also offers support for challenges during life. In challenges of health and mental health, please contact The Finnish Student Healthcare Services (FSHS). Acute crisis in Lahti there is Akuutti24-ER, (p. 116117) and Lappeenranta Mental health- and substance ER (p. 053524610)

If you need help and support in studies, contact student counselors or study psychologist. Study psychologists email is

LUT Academic Library

LUT Academic Library serves both campuses in Lahti and Lappeenranta and online. LUT Academic Library provides information retrieval guidance and training. Information literacy and independent information retrieval are part of studying in a university of applied sciences.

LUT Academic Library locates in Lappeenranta at Yliopistonkatu 34, 535850 Lappeenranta. In Lahti LUT Academic Library locates in Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti, in the class D246. 

The Finnish Student Healthcare Services (FSHS)

Every Students attending a traditional university or a university of applied sciences must pay a healthcare fee to Kela. The fee must be paid for each term. FSHS-fee is 36,80 euros per term. Kela does not send a bill for the fee, so students must make sure to pay it on their own initiative. 


If you do not pay the healthcare fee by the due date, Kela will send you a reminder. If you pay the fee after the due date, Kela will charge a fixed late-payment fee of EUR 5. If you still do not pay the healthcare fee after having received a reminder, Kela can withhold the fee and the late-payment fee from your study grant payments without first consulting you. If the healthcare fee cannot be withheld from the study grant payments, it will be referred to the enforcement authority for collection.


You can apply to Kela for reimbursement for travel costs for trips that you have made to an FSHS service point in order to get student healthcare services. 

Exchange students are not eligible for the FSHS services so they don't have to pay the healthcare fee.

How to get at FSHS, where is the service points? 

Finnish Student Health Services offers for students general health, oral health, and mental health services. The FSHS service units are on both campuses. Your need for treatment will be assessed before booking an appointment for FSHS services via phone or online. "Self" is a student's own online service, where you can update your information, book an appointment, chat with FSHS, or access a remote consultation. 

In Lahti FSHS Service unit is in Niemenkatu 73, 15140 Lahti. General and mental health services locates in the B-buildings 2nd floor. Oral health services are located in C-buildings 5th floor. You can go to NiemiCampus via campus route. 

In Lappeenranta FSHS Service unit locates in Yliopistonkatu 34, 53850 Lappeenranta. 

Well-being services


MOVEO is a joint sports and wellness service for LUT University's and LAB University of Applied Sciences' students and staff.

MOVEO operates on both Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses, providing sports facilities, services and experiences.


MOVEO operates on both Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses, providing sports facilities, services and experiences. MOVEO's membership is 30 euros per semester which includes gym, ball games and group exercises. Autumn semester pass is valid until end of January and Spring semester pass until end of August.

Hobby activities

Hobby Associations

In Lappeenranta there is plenty of different clubs and hobby organizations. You can find activity from sports to art and music. Hobby organizations you can find video game club and grill club. You can certainly find something for yourself in hobby organizations. You can also create your own hobby club! Every hobby organization is by students for students. 

KOE's lendable items

You can borrow from KOE different kind of stuff, from mölkky to bingo. If you want to borrow these, contact KOE or stop at our offices. 

Lappeenranta Campus


In the Campus Area you can find different restaurants, cafés, kiosk and a market called Sale. There is also a barber shop near Ylioppilastalo. There are other grocery stores within a two-mile radius of the campus, as well as several dining options. 


Outside you can find some gym area and a padel court. You can also rent LTKY's facilities or Skinnarila's beach sauna for your own use and go enjoy Saimaa's waves. 


Lahti Campus

Lahti Campus every LUT and LAB student can use grill in the inner court. You can find terms of use near the grill and our offices. Come ask more info at KOE! In the inner court you can also find little outside gym. In Event Arena you can find billiards table and ping-pong table. You can find in A153 a KOE's sewing machine, which you can use when you pay the payment and terms of use. 


Did you know that you can find movie theater and photo studio from Lahti Campus? Ask more from KOE. 

Hot Tub

From Student Union you can also rent a hot tub. Hot tub locates in Lahti Campus, but if agreed, it can be moved to Lappeenranta Campus. Ask more about hot tub from our executive director! 


You can find different leisure activities on HOBBLA!

Lahti and Lappeenranta as a cities

Lahti is brave and sustainable environment city. Lahti locates near capital of Finland and connections to capital are great. In Lahti there is nature and services near citizens. Lahti was the European Green Capital 2021 which offered co-operation opportunities for students. 


Lahti Campus is modern forerunner campus, where we co-operate with LUT University and University of Helsinki's enviromental sciences labs. LAB's Lahti Campus locates in Mukkulankatu 19 and via campus route you can get to Niemenkatu 73 campus in 5 minutes. Together they are sometimes referred as NiemiCampus.


Lappeenranta is 13th largest city by population, where every tenth citizen is a student. You can get from Lappeenranta to St.Petersburgs via train in 1,5 hours. Saimaa locates near Lappeenranta and there is calming and beautiful nature which offers calmness next to studies. 


In Lappeenranta campus is formed by LAB and LUT. You can find plenty of restaurant and cafe's at the campus area, and there is also a market! All that you need right by your side! 

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