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Representative Council

Student Union's Representative Council

The representative council exercises the highest decision-making power in the student union. The representative council decides on the main lines of the student union's activities. Its task is e.g. approve action plans and budgets, appoint the board and monitor the board's activities. ​


The activities of the delegation are led by the chair and the vice-chair. The term of office of the representative council is a calendar year, and the new representative council is always elected in autumn.


The representative council meets approximately 6-9 times during its term of office. All members of KOE can run for office in representative elections. All KOE members also have the right to vote in elections. ​Participating in the activities of the representative council is an easy way to get involved in KOE's activities. In the representative council, you can get to know the activities of the student union up close, but it will not take up as much of your time as the activities of the board. ​You can find the representative's contact information by pressing the button below.

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