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Here you can find answer to frequently asked questions about student cards and KOE's membership. 

When can I order student card? 

You can order student card, when you know your student number.

I am an exchange students studying in LAB for one or two semesters, can I become a KOE member?

Yes! Exchange students can become members as well, and get the student benefits too.

I haven't got the activation link, what should I do?

1) First check the spam mail folder. Link comes from a sender at the "noreply(at)

2) If you cannot find the link, try to order a new link at

3) Reset and activate-message might take few hours to arrive after the ordering. Remember to check the spam mail! 

4) If nothing works, send email to and ask for a new activation code.

How long does it take until you get the student card after ordering? Where can I get it? 

Physical student card arrives at our offices in about three weeks. Student who studies in Lahti got their student card from Lahti member services and Lappeenranta student gets student card from Lappeenranta member services. You get email when the card arrives. 

How can I pay my membership? 

If you have not been KOE's member earlier, we suggest that you fill out the form online. From this form we can get every information that we need and you can pay your membership at the same time. Continuing membership is possible in our websites or at our offices. 


I can not come to KOE's offices. Can I get the new semester sticker via mail? 

Semester sticker can be mailed, but it costs 5 euros. If you want the sticker by mail, contact

When can I come get the new semester sticker to my card? 

New semester sticker you can come get in August and in January when our member services open. 

I have a multi-year membership, is my membership forwarded, if I don't come get my semester sticker? 

Not getting your semester sticker, does not affect your membership or forward it. If you want to move the validity of membership, contact

Can I have money back from multi-year membership? 

You can have money back, if you have semesters that you have not used. Autumn semester return must be seeked at least 31.7. and spring semester at 31.12. Member fee is not returned under 1,5 year's membership. 


My last name is changed. Do I need to order a new student card? 

You can do it, if you want to but it is not a must.

My student card has gone missing / is stolen. How can I get new one? 

When ordering the new student card, contact KOE's executive director. If you study at Lahti Campus, contact also LAB's lobby services, so they can switch off rights of way. 

I am a path student, can I get a student card? 

You can join a KOE's member, but you do not get official student card. So you do not get the sticker. You can get the mobile card. Via membership, path students get all the same benefits that it offers but not offers from KELA, VR or Matkahuolto. 

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