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KOE membership

Becoming KOE member you get to use student card which gives you permission to student benefits and discounts. 

Student Union membership 

Every LAB UAS degree- and path student can become a member of KOE. Path students get a mobile student card and get the same benefits expect KELA, VR or Matkahuolto benefits. Exchange students can also become KOE members!


You need to fulfill the conditions for student card before ordering the student card. 

1. You are completing a university of applied sciences degree, a higher bachelor's degree or are a path student

2. You have registered to be present for the semester/year

3. You become a member of your own student union.

You are responsible for the correctness of the information you provide. Misuse of the card is a punishable act.

See the benefits we offer here!

Membership fees

1 semester €20

1 academic year €30

1.5 academic years €50

2 academic years €58

2.5 academic years €66

3 academic years €75

3.5 academic years €83

4 academic years €90 ​


The spring membership period ends on September 30 and the autumn membership period ends on January 31.

you can also pay the membership fee at our office.


Membership renewal

If you already have a student card, but your membership is no longer valid, you can renew your membership via our online form or at our office. The payment via the online form is handled via the online bank, at our office you can pay by cash or card.

Resigning from membership of the student union

Are you graduating early, pausing your studies or changing schools? You can resign from the student union by sending an e-mail to the address juho.liiri(at) Please include the following information in your email: ​​

  • Name

  • Student number

  • Address

  • Phone

  • E-mail

  • Bank account number

  • Time and place

  • Reason for resignation from membership

When you leave the student union, you have the right to apply for a refund of your unused membership fees. In this case, you must return the student card and resignation form to the student union office. It is not possible to get a refund for memberships of less than 1.5 years. The refund is paid only once. If you are applying for a refund of the membership fee, the refund must be applied for as follows: the refund of the membership fee for the fall semester / entire academic year must be applied for by 31.7. by and the refund for the spring semester must be applied for by 31.12. by. At other times, the board decides on the refund of the membership fee on a case-by-case basis.

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