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Student Union KOE

From students to students

Student Union is your advocate! 

Here in Student Union KOE we want to make your study time your life's best time! We advocate every LAB University of Applied Sciences student's benefits and quality of teaching. One of our most important tasks is to make students' voices heard in decision-making that affects them. In addition, our student tutors help you get off to a smooth start to your studies, and our various events and leisure activities provide a suitable counterbalance to your studies.


The activities of the student union consist almost entirely of students. The largest and most important decisions of the student union are made by the representative council, which is elected annually in elections. The board is responsible for the practical operation, which is divided into three teams. Daily routines at our member service points are also handled by KOE employees.

The activities of the student union are regulated by the University of Applied Sciences Act, which defines the duties of the student union.

KOE is a member of the Federation of Finnish Student Unions - SAMOK ry and the Student Sports Association (OLL). SAMOK is responsible for monitoring students' interests at the national and international level. OLL is a national advocacy and service organization for student and university sports.

A student card serves as a sign of student union membership. With the student card, you get a huge number of different benefits and discounts both locally in Lahti, Lappeenranta and nationwide. As a member of KOE, of course you also get benefits at KOE's own events and our products for sale! In Lahti, the student card also works conveniently as a pass to the campus!

Any LAB student can participate in KOE activities. There are many ways to participate, you will surely find yours there. You can join as a tutor, section member, representative council, or board.

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