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Executive Committee's Activity

Committees - Low threshold for KOE

The committees support KOE's board members and offer a low threshold to get to know KOE's operations. Section and committee activity also does not take as much time as, for example, board activity and is therefore an easy way to counterbalance studying. All LAB students can join the sections and committees, i.e. you don't have to be a member of KOE.  Each member of the committees get to bring forward new views and their own opinions and thus influence KOE's operations. Below is a list of the divisions currently operating in KOE, new division applications are announced on the student union's social media accounts, so take them over! You also get 2 credits for division activities!

Executive committee - helping body of the student union

In the executive committee, you can get to know the activities of the student union more closely, because the executive committee acts as a helping body in almost all of KOE's functions. Among other things, you get to participate in the ideation and execution of various events, such as freshmen races, different competitions or events during wellness weeks. You also help to brainstorm ideas for different marketing materials such as overall patches or TikTok videos. You get to participate in the marketing planning events and marketing of representative elections on campuses and in social media. You also get to participate in the practical arrangements for example as a checkpoint holder, appropass distributor or as ​logistical help in transporting goods during tutor trainings. ​ For more information about the activities, you can contact your city's Campus Chairperson.

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