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Do you want to join KOE's activities?

It is possible in many different ways!

Does working in the student union interest you?

You can apply for KOE's activities even in your first year of study, all that is expected of you is an active attitude and interest in the activities of the student union! ​


You can apply for the representative council in the representative council elections held annually in November. Run for council during the nomination period, and encourage your friends and classmates to vote within the voting period! Voting is easy, as voting takes place electronically. Working on the representative council takes less time than board activities, but even more important, in the representative council you get a front-row seat to student union activities.


The student union's board activity is a fiduciary duty, which is decided by the board members of the representative council. In board activities, you will be promoted with activity, initiative and problem-solving ability. Along with board activities, you will make new friends from different fields and different campuses. Board searches are held in autumn.


Have you always been happy to help and give advice? Tutoring is right for you! Tutoring is fun, you make new friends and meet new students! Tutor application periods are organized twice during the school year, in autumn in September-October and in spring in February-March. All those who fill out the form are invited to tutor interviews, and new tutors are selected based on the interviews.


Committee activities are low-threshold activities that all LAB students can participate in! So come along, for example, to our executive committee, where you can get sight of the Student Union and student life. In the executive committee, you'll participate in planning and organising various events, such as freshmen races and well-being activities. You can contribute for example by brainstorming program ideas, handling practical arrangements, ensuring visibility during representative council elections on your own campus or assist in areas such as as marketing. Committee searches are announced on the student union's social media accounts, so keep an eye on them!

Still having questions, or interested of participating? Click the button below to find contact info! 

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