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Board of Student Union

Student Union's Board

KOEs board is the most visible part of KOE, and it is responsible for all the daily activities. The board's duty is to execute the guidelines written in the plan of action and make decisions related to practice based on decisions and guidelines given by the representative council. Board follows the events in the field of university of applied sciences locally and nationwide, and also informs raptors and takes a stand on topical issues.

In the board there is a Chairperson, two Campus chairpersons and members of the board. All members are students.


The chairpersons are responsible for the board’s actions, maintain the relations between KOE and the student associations working in campuses, to the school's management, to the municipal politicals and providence’s influencers and to national stakeholders.

The Student Union KOE’s board works in teams.

  • The Advocacy team takes care of about the development of students' education, employment, livelihood, and well-being among other things.

  • The Student Guidance team is responsible for organising and developing the tutoring at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

  • The Student Life team is responsible for the events organized by KOE and improves the services of the Student Union.


Read more about the activities of our teams below! You can find the members of the board, their areas of responsibility and contact information on the contact information tab.

Advocacy Team

The Advocacy team’s responsibility is to monitor the interests of LAB University of Applied Sciences students in matters related to studies, quality of education and equality, for example.


We meet different actors both on and off campus and represent students in many different working groups. In addition, coordinating the class representative activities, FSHS things and influencing on a municipal level are within the range of Advocacy teams’ responsibility. We monitor student advocacy also at the national level through our umbrella organization SAMOK.


Big themes in Advocacy, were for example County elections, FSHS, Campus equality, working groups and parliamentary elections.

You can contact whole advocady team via email

Student Guidance Team

The Student Guidance teams job is to organise and develop the tutoring at LAB University of Applied Sciences. We organize the tutor application, tutor trainings and tutor start and we are involved at the orientation weeks guiding the new students. 
Tutors are one of the most visible part of KOE's activities. In every starting semester there is spesific tutors for every new starting class to make start of their studies easier. 

You can contact whole student guidance team via email

Student Life Team

The Student Life teams mission is to produce different types of events for all students, develop services related to student well being and community spirit.


Our activities are best seen in large events, such as Aleksanterinkatu Appro and Freshmen parties. We also work closely in cooperation with LAB University of Applied Sciences's student associations. We also organize well-being weeks in cooperation with LAB.

Our goal is to create a communal, open and comfortable study environment for all of our students! KOE is for everybody!

You can contact whole student life team via email

Communications Team

The main task of the Communications team is to inform about the activities of KOE Student Union.

KOE is also an interactive communicator with cities, other higher education institutions, universities, provinces and stakeholders.  The team designs social media posts, produces various graphic materials and writes guides. As a rule, KOE communicates bilingually in Finnish and English.

The communication team includes Campus Chairs of both Lahti and Lappeenranta together with a Communications specialist.

You can contact the whole communication team by email

In external communication, we prioritise our own posts, but you can also approach us for collaboration.  We particularly value our member benefits and events.

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