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Representative Council Election

Most important elections of your study time, do not miss them!

Student Union's representative council election

Student Union KOE Representative Council elections are held annually in October-November. In representative council elections, the members of the representative council are voted for. The representative council exercises the highest decision-making power in the student union. All members of KOE can run for representative council elections and all KOE members have the right to vote in representative council elections. ​If you feel that you have something to contribute to the student union and would make good decisions for the student union, run for office in the representative council elections!


It's easy to run for representative council, find out if there is a common list of candidates in your field or subject association that you could run for. You can also create your own electoral list if you wish! On the other hand, if you are not interested in running for representative council in the representative council elections, use your right to vote and thus influence your daily studies. By voting, you can influence, for example, who decides on it; ​

  • What your membership fee money is used for.

  • Does the student union, for example, have coffee shops on the campuses.

  • How does the student union invest its money and what purchases does the student union make? ​


Voting in the student union's representative council elections is easily done electronically and you can do it anytime, within the voting period. If you have questions about the Reprsentative Council elections or the activities of the Representative council, contact the chairman of the representative council or the chairman of the Central Election committee

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