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Hello new LAB exchange student!

Welcome to study abroad in Finland, the land of thousand lakes!

Especially for you, KOE has a Exchange Student table on Lahti campus. Table is located on student assosiation room and  there is items donated by previous exchange students, school staff and other students. These are free to take. When you are leaving Finland after your studies abroad and you wish to bring your stuff for the new exchange students, contact Pinja Nykänen, who is responsible of the board's international affairs ( Don't bring things to the table yourself, but bring them to KOE's space (A153) and notify in advance.

Especially needed items are

  • Cups, mugs, plates and bowls

  • bedding and towels

  • Cauldrons, pots and frying pans

  • Ceiling lights, lightbulbs and table lamps

  • Cutlery, ladles and spatulas

  • Hangers and storage baskets

  • Other useful things: cutting boards, knives, pillows, blankets and curtains

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