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Decisions of organizational meeting of new representative council

Updated: May 13

The 2023 representative council is now in place. Many elections were made at the meeting.

Ilona Onnila-Ranta will be the Chair of the Representative Council in 2023. Iisa Tahvanainen will be the Vice-Chair of the Representative Council in 2023.

The Board for 2023 was elected at the organizational meeting of the Representative Council. In 2023, the Board of the Student Union KOE will be as follows:

Chairperson of the Board: Jenny Hieto

Campus Chairperson, Lahti: Mikael Kiskola

Campus Chairperson, Lappeenranta: Jesper Saarinen.

Simon Susiluoto, Lauri Westerholm, Reetta Tienari, Mira Juslin, Taru Minkkinen, Anna Salonen, Tuukka Rajanen, Oona Sjöblom, Jenni Nurminen were elected as members of the Board. Petra Tarula, Robert Lönnfors and Janina Levänen were elected as a deputy members of the Board.

The Central Election Committee was also appointed at the meeting of the Representatives, and will be chaired by Piia Hautamäki in 2023.


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