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Election announcement – KOE’s Representative Council Election 2023

Updated: May 13

The Student Union KOE’s Representative Council Election in 2023 will elect the Council for the year 2023. The term for the Council is 1.1.2024 – 31.12.2024. In total, 20 members and

10 deputy members will be chosen in this election. Representatives will be chosen by D’Hondt method.

The election is carried out by the decision of the Central Election Committee in the following days:

  • Nomination period: 27.9.–17.10.2023

  • Voting days: 1.11.– 7.11.2023

  • Election day: 7.11.2023

  • Election results publication: 7.11.2023

The voting is held electronically. Every member of KOE who has paid their membership

until 17.10.2023 has a right to vote. The voting can be done from the link sent to the email that is given to KOE’s member register. The voting link is personal and can be used once.

Every member of KOE who has paid their membership until 17.10.2023 for the following year can become a candidate in the election. You can become a candidate by filling the candidate form which you can also find in KOE’s website and social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. Please note that some Finnish is needed when becoming a candidate. Official documents are written in Finnish but translations are aspired.

Candidates can create an election list. In one list, there can be up to 20 candidates. The list has to have a creator, who can also be from outside of the list. When creating a list, the name, email and phone number of the list’s creator has to be given. The election list has to be named and the name will be published in election announcements. The name can’t insult anyone’s personal rights, be commercial or otherwise inappropriate. The Central Election Committee has the right to make the list rename itself. A candidate can only be in one list.

If a candidate hasn’t reported a list, the candidate is to be seen in her/his own list alone.

The list of candidates will be published on KOE’s website, Instagram and Facebook.


Piia Hautamäki

Chairperson of the Central Election Committee



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