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Extremerun 2024 goes lahti!

Proudly carrying the title of Finland's largest fun run event, ExtremeRun is back! The adult ExtremeRun event will be held in Lahti on Saturday, May 18th. 🔥

In the race, participants tackle an imaginative obstacle course – each in their own style! The focus of the event is on having fun together, and every participant is rewarded. 🏅 Along the way, you're likely to spot more colorful costumes than traditional running gear on the participants. You can also wear student overalls! 🏃

ExtremeRun isn't just a running event, but a day-long celebration! First, there's the competition, then the party: the festivities lasting all day include the course, enjoying a cheerful carnival atmosphere, and celebrate well into the night. AfterRun might just be one of the highlights of the adult event!

Members of KOE are entitled to discounted student tickets for the event at a price of 35€. Student tickets also include an overall patch! Grab the discount code through the "KOE’s student benefits" section on the app.

More information about the event can be found here.


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