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Monthly release of KOE's Board

Updated: May 13

Monthly release of KOE's board!✨

What does it mean?

Every month's first week we will post what has happened and what board has done during the last month. This way you will know what board has been up to.🤌

Tutor trainings and orientation of new students

Did you know that every tutor in LAB is trained by KOE? Those tutors who applied during the Spring got trained how to be a tutor. Our tutors and board members were welcoming new students as part of the orientation in Welcome events and at the KOExLAB info.

LABraKOE meeting in Lappeenranta

KOE meets regularly with the head of LAB in meeting called LABraKOE and discusses about the current topics and improves together the UAS by keeping the students interest in minds.

Commenting SAMOK General Assembly materials

SAMOK's general assembly is approaching. The general assembly focuses on advocacy of all students from universities of applied sciences in Finland. As a member student union, we are reviewing the materials for the upcoming union meeting. The union meeting will be held at the end of October in Rovaniemi, where decisions will be made regarding SAMOK's finances for the upcoming year and the action plan.


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