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Representative Council 2024

Updated: May 13

The results of the elections are here!

A record 863 votes were cast. There were also a record number of candidates standing and electoral lists created. The turnout for the 2023 Student Union KOE's Representative Council Elections was an excellent 18.7%. Thank you to everyone who voted!

20 full members and 10 alternates were elected.


Katariina Hyytiäinen, Muotsikka

Otso Vikman, Tradenöörit


Janina Levänen, LapTOpIO

Joona Möttö, Muotsikka

Nadira Sultana, International students

Sofia Mesterton, Muotsikka

Samuli Liukko, Tradenöörit

Silja Sundgren , SOSTERKKA LTI & LPR

Jere Niemi, LapTOpIO

Saga Santonen, Muotsikka

Jere Syrjänen, Tradenöörit

Papu Hartikainen, SOSTERKKA LTI & LPR

Yan Chowdhury, International students

Bea Longhurst , Muotsikka

Petra Tarula, LAB Hospitality

Emma Hämäläinen, LapTOpIO

Viivi Suni, Muotsikka

Nina Sinisalo, Tradenöörit

Jaana Tarvainen, SOSTERKKA LTI & LPR

Deputy members

Mavi Villatoro, International students

Julia Ilmanen, Tradenöörit

Tuukka Rajanen, SOSTERKKA LTI & LPR

Leevi Westerholm, LapTOpIO

Janina Tauriainen, Tradenöörit


Kasper Paajanen, International students

Emilia Hämäläinen, LAB sitoutumattomat vasemmisto-opiskelijat

Oona Sjöblom, Kirjekurssi opiskelijat

Antti Turunen, Kokoomus

Deputy members can be elected to the council from their own list. If, for example, a member from list Y joins the board of KOE, a person with next highest reference nubmer from list Y will be elected to the representative council.

The queen of votes was Katariina Hyytiäinen from the Muotsikka list with a stunning 90 votes.

Total number of votes per lists

  • Muotsikka 226 votes

  • Tradenöörit 150 votes

  • SOSTERKKA LTI & LPR 150 votes

  • LapTOpIO 115 votes

  • International students 99 votes

  • LAB Hospitality 42 votes

  • LAB sitoutumattomat vasemmisto-opiskelijat 29 votes

  • Kirjekurssi opiskelijat 28 votes

  • Kokoomus 24 votes

The final result of the elections is attached.

VAALITULOS 2023 KOE edustajiston vaalit - Edustajisto 2024
Download PDF • 41KB


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