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We are seeking members for our executive committee!

Updated: May 13

Student Union KOE is currently seeking enthusiastic members for its executive committee! Would you like to participate in the creation of unforgettable events and improving our student community!? Apply now and bring your own ideas to the table!

In executive committee, you'll participate in planning and organising various events, such as freshmen races, competitions and different well-being activities during wellness weeks. You get to brainstorm themes, program ideas, handle practical arrangements, help to ensure the visibility of representative council's elections on your own campus and assist with marketing and material production such as design overall patches or help to film TikTok videos. There are are diverse opportunities to get involved with!

The executive committee provides a chance to influence the atmosphere of the student community and create memorable experiences for all students.

Got interested? Submit your informal application by February 4th to In your application, include at least your name, study field, what kind of activities you'd like to be involved in within the committee, and specify in which city would you primarily operate.

For more information, reach out to your Campus Chairperson (LPR: Janina Levänen or LTI: Kasper Paajanen).


Can I apply now?

Replying to

Hello! Yes, you can still apply😀

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