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Above The Poverty Line

Every student in higher education must be guaranteed the opportunity to study without income insecurity or scarcity. Investing in students' success is an investment in our future.

Many students live below the poverty line, even if they are taking out full student loans or working while studying. Since 2017, student loan debt has doubled and the purchasing power of study grant has weakened by around 100 euros. The rising cost of living and brutally rising interest rates are still eating into students' livelihoods.

This is unsustainable. Having an appropriate income is essential for future professionals to be able to cope, survive at work and have a good mental well-being. Student incomes must be strengthened. This benefits the whole country and the future.

A 100 euro increase in study grant is needed. Let's raise students above the poverty line!

Follow the higher education students' parliamentary election campaign on Instagram @poiskoyhyysrajalta.


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