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Announcement: Lahden Talot Respond to the Increasing Demand for Student Housing

Yle News Häme reported on May 16th 2024 that Lahden Talot is conducting tender calculations for the construction of two seven-story buildings near the Mukkula campus. This initiative aims to meet the housing needs of new students arriving at LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University, providing them with accommodations close to campus. Although Lahden Talot has not yet made an official construction decision, if approved, construction would begin no earlier than 2026.

We, Student Union of LAB University of Applied Sciences KOE, are pleased that the City of Lahti and Lahden Talot have responded to the growing demand for student housing by making concrete plans to address this need. This demonstrates the genuine interest and commitment of the City of Lahti and Lahden Talot in improving student housing options and developing Lahti as a student-friendly city.

The construction of new apartment buildings in Mukkula will facilitate smooth commuting between the Mukkula and Niemi campuses, as well as provide quick connections to the city center and its diverse services. We hope that the planned buildings will include versatile common areas, similar to those found in some existing Lahden Talot student buildings. Common areas bring students together and are particularly beneficial for the integration of international students into the student community. All of this contributes to students' attachment to the city, making them feel part of Lahti's community, culture, and Finnish society.

The Student Union KOE is follows with interest how Lahden Talot progresses with this construction project in the coming years. Expanding student housing in the Lahti area is a significant step towards achieving the best possible student experience.

On behalf of the Student Union KOE,

Henna Suhonen

Chairperson of the Board 2024

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