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Answers To Feedback

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


So what?

KOEs ideabox so you write us some feedback, ideas or hopes considering our actions or just general.

Ideabox has come to stay and we already have gotten a lot of feedback! Ideabox can be found in Lahti campus near KOEs member services and soon in Lappeenranta too! We get a lot of feedback and try our best to do something about them, but this does not always show to our students. So the idea of this news is that you can see the feedback we get and what we do to them. Ideabox is also in padlet!

Wintti and Gemmi; safer space principals and poor intervention from doormen

We have had long conversations with the restaurant managers, who promised to take this up with the doormen. Unfortunately, the doormen are basically the same in every larger nightclub, so changing the place would not help. We acknowledge the situation and try our best to get the principals of safer space through also to the night clubs. Student organizations and the student union are working together to organize events to address the problems that have come to the surface.

Learning difficulties of neuroatypicals

Unfortunately, it is not possible to design a school to suit everyone. But don't worry, if you feel you need special arrangements, contact your tutor teacher and/or educational psychologist. LAB also employs a pedagogical specialist, Juha Tiitta, who can be contacted if necessary.

Soy sauce in the canteen and an earlier start to the meal (LAHTI)

A request was made to the Compass Group and they are trying to implement it.

Paintings made by students for bedrooms (LAHTI)

It would be possible. We need just those paintings, so make them and bring them to us!

New overall badges wanted

These are on the way!

KOE event notifications on Yammer

We can do this, but Tuudo is coming, so that's where everything will go.

Pen for the ideabox

We bring these almost daily, but they disappear :(

Hopes for visitors to the classes

If you are looking for visitors to your classes, you should ask your teachers for them. You can also use Spark to give feedback at the end of the course, so the teacher can improve the course in the future.

More non-alcoholic/non-party events

We need concrete information about what kind of events are wanted. Many people want them, but when they are organized, the participants don't show up. We would like to do it, but the question is: what? You can put concrete ideas in the ideabox about these events!

More free student events

We understand that students have a difficult financial situation. Student associations and Student Union operate partly on the income that comes from the events. Events themselves also cost money and sometimes we try to get even so that we don’t get any profit from some events. We try to look into low threshold events that do not cost any money from the participants, for example a movie night.


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