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Kamu recommends

Updated: May 13

Hello KOE member, did you know that as a user of the Slice digital student card, you gain access to thousands of exclusive student benefits and deals? Here are a few tips:

1.Let's go to the movies!

Did you notice that the Slice app offers a student discount provided by Finnkino? Movie tickets from the website or app are discounted up to -30%, and movie snacks are -20%!

2.A cruise with a great group?

Cruises are an excellent way to spend time with people, and they offer diverse opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment. Check out cruise offers on the Slice app! Seats are limited, so act quickly.

3. Happening in Lahti!

Join us for LAHO's pre-Christmas party on December 14th! Come by and join the fun!

4.Sensory exercise

Would you have five minutes for calming down? You can do the exercise either by listening to a six-minute audio recording or by reading the text – at a time that suits you.


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