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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Student Union KOE and LAB University of Applied Sciences Student Associations: Student parties drugging cases have increased alarmingly.

We, student associations of LAB UAS and student union KOE are worried about the increase of drugging cases in parties at Lahti and Lappeenranta. The Student Union and student associations have been talking about the cases with the restaurants and bars. They have talked about how to interfere in these cases. The Student Union and student associations do not accept this kind of behaviour and this kind of behaviour needs to be stopped immediately. Every person in events has a right to feel safe. This kind of behaviour is illegal and has consequences in criminal-law.

If you see anything related to drugs or drugging or inappropriate behaviour, please contact bars staff, bouncers, or event’s harassment contact person immediately. If you see that somebody puts something in another one’s drink, inform this person about this situation. Student Union KOE and student associations stand with the victims and are offering support, and also help with questions related to these situations. We are extremely sorry that these kinds of situations have happened and we demand that this kind of behaviour ends immediately. If we cannot be sure that our events are safe, we need to think about cancelling our events.

In every event that the student union has, we follow the student union’s Code of Conduct. Student Union KOE investigates more ways to prevent these kinds of situations.

“I'm so disappointed that we even have to handle these kinds of things. It should be self-evident that everyone's night is safe” agonizes Iida Heino the Campus chair of Lahti

If you want to file a report for the police our harassment contact persons are happy to help you. Our harassment contact persons contacts can be found here.

How do I report a crime if I have been drugged?

> > Police report online

> Defamation of offences against life or health

> Assault

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