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The teacher of the year 2022

Last spring Student Union KOE was looking for the teacher of the year together with National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and the rest of local student unions. This year we were looking for propositions of competent and eager teachers from all students in universities of applied sciences.

KOE got almost 280 propositions and proposed three of them to SAMOK. Even though the Teacher of the year reward didn’t come to LAB University of Applied Sciences this year, the Student Union’s KOE distributed its own honor rewards to the teachers voted by students.

Student Union KOE awarded the following people:

Dennisuk William

Häkli Jaana

Häll Heidi

Hämeenaho Kari

Koivulahti Outi

Mäkinen Satu

Nuutinen Heikki

Orpana Taina

Pere Juha

Ryynänen Timo

Vilminko Marleena

Congratulations for the winners and thank you for your hard work! 💙

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